Rain Kids

Rain Kids

“Rain kids” is what they call babies with autism. Kids with autism are no better or worse, they’re just different, special. In their own way, they see the world and people. Creatively gifted and talented, they become brilliant artists, musicians, mathematicians and physicists.

Specialists say that these children can fully immerse themselves in something and achieve significant heights. But in this they need the help and support of their loved ones.
We decided to tell them what autism is, how it manifests, and what to do if parents learned about the diagnosis.
Autism is a specific mental and psychological development in which there is a marked lack of emotional manifestation and communication. A person with autism cannot exhibit emotion in the sense that we are used to.

How does a child with autism see the world?
Usually, the child is unable to create and connect a chain of details of certain actions. External influences (sounds, touches, light, etc.) irritate the child, so that the child avoids contact even with close people.
The first signs that parents may notice
Early autism is characterized by 4 major clinical features:

– social interaction disorder;
– communication disorder;
– stereotypical behavior;
– early clinical manifestations of autism in early childhood (from 1 to 3 years).

If parents have noticed clinical signs of autism in the first year of life of their child, they should seek specialist help. The earlier the child is examined by a specialist and classes begin, the better his or her chances of adapting to society.

There are many methods of correction, which help the child to connect with society and learn to self-service. Parents should always consult specialists and doctors, and take care of their child at home and in special institutions.
In Yerevan, today there are many centers for helping children with autism, among them:

1. “Step Up” Social NGO
2. “Arbes” Health Center
3. “Tsil Busats” children’s harmonious development center

In these and similar centers and organizations, children are selected for their individual teaching methods, are taught the necessary skills, and are given the right direction in home teaching to parents, counseling, etc.

It is important for parents to understand that autism is not a sentence. Proper care, regular training with specialists, a supportive family environment, love and support help your child to grow into a full-blown person who can get an education, a job and start a family. Together you can turn down mountains and do the impossible.