Charity Day

Charity Day

Today is a special day!!!

September 5 is the International Day of Charity.

In 2011 Hungarians proposed to celebrate the death of Mother Teresa as a day of charity. Mother Teresa was a source of inspiration for many, she united many around the ideas of doing good deeds, giving and giving to kindness.

The day’s advice is to draw public attention to charity, to remember and learn that you can help without demanding anything in return. Everyone can be merciful, because everyone has the ability to do good deeds.

Sometimes it can be difficult to do charity, because it implies responsibility, but if each of us understands that we were born with a pure heart and one of our missions is to help our neighbor, charity will become an integral part of his life.

I wonder why people do charity? The main reason is the desire to do good deeds, to help people selflessly, this is a positive energy that you get by helping another person, this feeling of happiness from the realization that you have solved the problem of another person.

Everyone can do charity, but sometimes there is a desire and an inner need to do more, to help people like you to unite to do more together. In such cases, there is a need to create a charitable foundation.

Akunk Charitable Foundation was created in connection with the call for such an association; the words “Together we can do more” are an integral part of its ideology. The goal of our fund is to provide psychological, technical and material support to vulnerable segments of the population of the Republic of Armenia. Accepting human life as the main value, we believe that there will still be many opportunities to give joy, rejoice and solve the problem facing us.

We must understand that charity is not a waste of time and money, but real happiness. Let’s start today, start with the smallest steps, and great achievements will follow.

Let’s conclude with one of Mother Teresa’s wonderful words: “All we do is just a drop in the sea, but without that drop the ocean would be smaller“.

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