Old People in the Isolation

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Old People in the Isolation

The virus has isolated us all, but our elder generation has found itself in a more difficult situation. Old people are recognized as a risk group by the coronavirus – they are much more likely to be infected than others.
Many of them live alone and there is a question of how they cope with their daily purchases, payments and, more importantly, how to help them survive this isolation without losing their spirit.
One of the most important issues today is the social and psychological support of single old people. In this regard, we are launching a new program “Assistance to the elderly”, under which we are starting to collect donations for the project “Lonely elderly in isolation”.
Our goal is to provide elderly people with food sets, personal hygiene products and medicines (if necessary). And to do everything we can to make them feel safer.

We have already started the project and we ask you to join us. Share this post and comment on it so that as many people as possible can learn about the possibility of helping the elderly.

Together we can do great things.?


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