Opening of a pottery room in a rehabilitation centre “Hand in hand”.

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Opening of a pottery room in a rehabilitation centre “Hand in hand”.

With the support of the Akunq Charity Foundation, there is already a pottery workshop at the rehabilitation centre “Hand in hand”. Pottery is considered one of the most effective methods of art therapy, especially when it comes to special children. It helps to develop creative and social skills that children need in the future to lead independent lives. Within the framework of the program “Save the Room” AMD 850,000 were allocated to the Rehabilitation Center “Hand in Hand” to create and equip a pottery workshop. This money was used to purchase a pottery wheel, muffle kiln, clay and dryer. The centre’s students enthusiastically welcomed the new room. The rehabilitation centre “Hand in hand” trains 65 children diagnosed with autism. The Akunk Charitable Foundation has set itself the task of supporting and helping children with special needs to live a better life. “Get a room” is one of our programs to create, support and improve rooms for children with special needs.

We are grateful to everyone who supported, made a donation and helped us implement this program.



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