About the Foundation

The mission of AKUNQ Charity Foundation is to support the vulnerable groups of the population of Republic of Armenia and the development of the Pan-Armenian volunteer movement

The Foundation was founded as a charity initiative by entrepreneur Grigor Danielyan on July/24/2019.


  • Social, psychological and technical support to the vulnerable segments of the population of Armenia.
  • Assistance to people in difficult life situations, people with disabilities, children with special needs, veterans of the liberation struggle of Republic of Artsakh, residents of border settlements.
  • Assistance to state and non-profit organizations specializing in the support, upbringing and educating children with special needs.
  • Involvement of various sectors of society into voluntary charitable activities.


    • Human life: This is the core value on which all the work of the “AKUNQ” Foundation is based.
    • Trust: We believe that only trust and support help achieve incredible results.
    • Transparency: We work on the principle of complete transparency and on regular basis  publish  open access reports on the activities of the Foundation.
    • Professionalism: We have a highly responsible approach to the implementation of our projects.

    Board of Trustees

    Grigor Danielyan

    Founder, chairman of the Board of Trustees of The  Foundation


    Maria Arzumanyan

    Member of the Board of Trustees



    Member of the Board of Trustees


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